Representative matters

  • Currently represent offshore liquidator of investment structure utilized as vehicle for Ponzi scheme valued at over $200 million, in twelve (12) separate Chapter 15 Bankruptcy Proceedings and multiple state court litigation matters.  

  • Currently represent soccer legend, Diego Armando Maradona, in Florida lawsuit against his former wife alleging a theft scheme carried out in South Florida.  Successfully overcame Motion to Dismiss on forum non conveniens grounds and obtained affirmance of trial court’s decision.  See Villafañe v. Maradona, 253 So. 3d 708 (Fla. 3d DCA 2018).

  • Successfully epresented Venezuelan reinsurance company in Florida lawsuit stemming from investments in Ponzi scheme and theft of a Venezuelan sovereign bond.  Successfully overcame motion to dismiss on forum non conveniens grounds and obtained affirmance of trial court’s decision on that issue.  See ABA Capital Markets Corp. v. Provincial de Reaseguros C.A., 101 So. 3d 385 (Fla. 3d DCA 2012).  Ultimately obtained $2,743,698.94 final judgment for client, including punitive damages and treble damages award, after favorable jury verdict.

  • Successfully represented local bank in lender liability lawsuit commenced by minority member of limited liability company stemming from bank’s sale of loan to entity controlled by majority member of limited liability company.    Obtained full dismissal of lawsuit on behalf of bank and successfully handled appeal of dismissal.    See  Dinuro Investments, LLC v. Camacho, 141 So. 3d 731 (Fla. 3d DCA 2014).

  • Represented local real estate developer and investor in litigation against owner of neighboring property regarding enforceability of option agreement for client to purchase neighboring property, resulting in favorable settlement for client.

  • Represented Venezuelan victim of identity theft in lawsuit against national bank stemming from theft of life savings, resulting in favorable settlement for client.


  • Represented U.S. Department of State contractor in numerous government contracting disputes, including bid protests, claims for equitable price adjustments under the Contract Disputes Act, and contract performance and management disputes and deductions.

  • Successfully  represented Venezuelan resident in child custody dispute brought by former husband in Florida.  Obtained full dismissal of claims asserted by former husband on jurisdictional grounds, resulting in favorable settlement for client.

  • Successfully  represented professional baseball player in federal lawsuit filed against client by retired baseball player for alleged fraudulent transfers received by client from his former agent, who had stolen funds from both athletes.  Obtained dismissal of claims against client and favorable settlement.

  • Successfully  represented client whose bank accounts were frozen and funds seized by United  States Customs and Border Protection under the guise that client, who mailed a check drawn on his Florida bank account from Bolivia to his banker in Florida, was illegally shipping monetary instruments without filing appropriate Report of International Transportation of Currency of Monetary Instruments forms.  Obtained  favorable settlement on behalf of client and full return of client’s funds.

  • Successfully represented Venezuelan entrepreneur in lawsuit against supplier of refrigeration equipment for theft of payments made in connection with purchase of commercial kitchen equipment and construction of commercial kitchen and bakery.  Obtained final judgment in client’s favor for treble damages.

  • Successfully represented local entrepreneur in arbitration matter involving alleged joint venture with investor that had participated in Ponzi scheme in which client had also invested.  Investor demanded that client guarantee investor’s investment and  exorbitant returns in accordance with alleged joint venture agreements.  Client successfully  advanced theory that joint venture agreements were actually loans and not joint ventures and  were unlawful under Florida’s usury statutes.   Obtained favorable settlement on behalf of client.

  • Represented real estate investor in numerous lawsuits involving eviction, quiet title and specific performance issues.

  • Represented real estate developers in numerous pre-construction contract disputes under the Interstate Land Sales Full Disclosure Act and other federal and state disclosure  laws.

  • Represented multiple financial institutions in commercial foreclosure claims.

  • Represented multiple factoring companies in commercial collection claims.     

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